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MAG6588 Intelligent Network Paging Station


● Support up to 1000 zones, with one-touch all-zone-on function
● Support zone paging and group paging; view zones status
● TCP/IP transmission protocol, compatible with WAN/LAN shared network
● 7 inch TFT LCD screen with graphical interface display and touch screen control panel
● Built-in program player, program sources of host can be local monitoring
● With 1 aux input, 1 aux output and headphone monitoring interface
● With running log management and screen calibration function
● Screen light-up time can be set for energy saving

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

MAG6588 is a network full digital signal processor Hi-Fi paging station based on TCP/IP protocol. With dual network interface design, it can be connect to anywhere the network reaches. Able to paging to up to 1000 zones, running stable, low failure rate; Digital signal transmission and intelligent control; With 7 inch true color LCD display, touch panel, customer-friendly operation interface; With aux input and output, make it possible for amplifier extension; Built-in player developed by DSPPA, realize local monitoring of system center program.

Rated Output Voltage


MIC input sensitivity (1V output)


MIC distortion (1Kz/1V)


Effective frequency of MIC gain limit (±3dB)


MIC Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass)


AUX input sensitivity (1V output)


AUX distortion (1Kz/1V)


AUX Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass)


Effective frequency of AUX gain limit (±3dB)


Effective frequency of monitoring (talkback voice) gain limit (±3dB)

40-13000 Hz

Working voltage


Standby power consumption


Package dimensions (mm)


Net Weight


MAG6588  Intelligent Network Paging Station

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