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DSPPA MAG6000 IP Network PA System Applied to Shimanto Shambhar Shopping Mall in Bangladesh 

DSPPA MAG6000 IP Network PA System Applied toShimanto Shambhar Shopping Mall in Bangladesh

We are honored to provide DSPPA MAG6000 IP Network PA System and POE6311 IP Network Ceiling Speaker for Shimanto Shambhar Shopping Mall in Bangladesh.
Recently, we have completed the configuration of MAG6000 IP Network PA System and POE6311 IP Network Ceiling Speaker in Shimanto Shambhar Shopping Mall in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Introduction to the Project
Shimanto Shomvar is not only a shopping mall with some 360 shops but the city’s most prominent center of entertainment, fashion, cuisine and social life under one roof, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In January 2019, Shimanto Shambhar embraced STAR Cineplex. Besides, it has a food court with around 16 outlets.

Installation Scene
As to the demand for background music playing, announcements broadcasting and remote paging as well as voice evacuation in the shopping mall,DSPPA MAG6000 IP Network PA System is specially designed to integrate with POE6311 IP Network Ceiling Speaker to cover the whole areas.

Equipped with MAG6182II IP network public address center and MAG6588 IP network paging station in the main control room, and 300 POE6311 IP network ceiling speakers in corridors and 60 MAG6368 waterproof IP network column speakers in parking lots, it can realize point-to-point broadcasting and paging, as well as the management of a single zone and multiple zones.

Product Display

MAG6000IP Network PA Systemtakes the advantage of the existing LAN/WAN (like Internet) to speed up the construction, save cable laying and combine different networks together, making it more flexible and transmit farther, based on DSPPA protocol and compatible with TCP/IP protocol.

In addition, by integrating MAG6000 IP Network PA System withPOE6311IP Network Ceiling Speaker, the wiring cost and power loss can be greatly reduced.

Product List

System Connection Diagram

In light of this, it is obvious that DSPPA is willing to exchange with you and provide the most feasible and desirable solution for you based on your proposal.

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