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Smart Lighting Pole System

Smart Pole Solution integrates LED Street Light, LED Display Screen, IP Camera, Environment/Air sensor, SOS emergency intercom, Wi-Fi AP, IP Speaker, Mobile Charger, andCharging Pile. With the concept of "Smart City," it efficiently manages urban road lighting.information dissemination, security monitoring, emergency alarms, and air quality detection.provides internet access to people, and facilitates charging for their devices and electric vehicles.

The Smart Pole Management System integrates the management and control of smart policies, including Intelligent Lighting, LED Displays, lP Speakers, lP Cameras, and Wi-Fi. All smart poles can communicate with the control room through the internet or Ethernet network. This software platform is an open platform, providing an APl interface for third parties to integrate and collaborate with it.

This project can be used in parks, streets, scenic spots, and every road you can be.

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