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3.1 PA System General requirements

chief researcher & engineer of dsppa

3.1.1       PA system engineering design shall meet the reasonable needs of users on a safe, environmental friendly,

energy-saving and resource-saving basis.

3.1.2       PAE shall pass the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) in accordance with the requirements of relevant

national provisions or CECB,

3.1.3       PA shall be a mono broadcast.

3.1.4       PAS shall be designed based on purposes and class requirements.

3.1.5       PAS may serve multiple broadcast purposes. The class of each broadcast purpose may be set separately.

3.1.6       PAS in a flammable and explosive area must comply with the requirements of current national standards

GB 3836.1,Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres-- Part 1: General requirement and GB 3836.2,

Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres-- Part 2: Flameproof enclosure "d".

3.1.7       PA system engineering design shall include the following documents:

1     system structure diagrams and related descriptive documents;

2     routing of broadcast transmission lines and plans of loudspeakers distribution;

3     configuration diagrams of the control center and related equipment;

4     equipment list.

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