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PA Amplifier

DSPPA production line covers 4 types of amplifiers: preamplifier, power amplifier and mixer amplifier, digital amplifier.
Preamplifier, it is an electronic amplifier that prepares a small electrical signal for further amplification or processing. It is the audio mixer for different types of audio inputs, which is very common in Public Addressing System.
Power Amplifier. There are 2 types of power amplifiers in DSPPA production line: analog power amplifier and digital power amplifier. The power amplifier has 2 types of speaker outputs: low impedance (resistance fixed) output at 4-16Ω) and high impedance (voltage fixed) output at 70V/100V.
Mixer Amplifier. DSPPA has various series of mixer amplifiers covering from 35W to 450W. Mixer amplifiers not only have the functions of preamplifiers and power amplifiers, but sometimes also have zone control function. They may have microphone inputs in 6.35mm/XLR/combo sockets, auxiliary line inputs in RCA/combo sockets, MP3 via SD card/USB/Bluetooth, Tuner of AM/FM, built-in Chime. Some also have EMC input and TEL input. They support local paging, and some support remote paging CAT-5 cable, like MP812 series, MP912 Series. Some models have zones control function, such as MP912 with 4x4 matrix function, MP812 Series and MP210U series with 6 zones control function.
Digital Amplifier. DSPPA digital amplifiers include multichannel digital power amplifier and digital mixer amplifier with audio source. Comparing to analog amplifier, digital amplifier is more efficient in power saving, efficiency up to 85% or more. And the amplifier module is more compact and saves a lot space. DSPPA multichannel digital power amplifier includes 2 series. DA2125 is the 2 channel digital power amplifier series, covering 2x125W, 2x250W, 2x500W, while DA4060 is the 4 channel power amplifier series, covering 4x60W, 4x125W, 4x250W. DSPPA digital mixer power amplifier includes following series: Mini60—2x30W Digital Mixer Amplifier with USB/SD/AUX/Bluetooth, MP35—35W Mini Digital Mixer Amplifier, MP35U Series--Mini Digital Mixer Amplifier with USB & Bluetooth, covering 35W, 60W and 120W, MP9306 Series--Mini Digital Mixer Amplifier with USB & Bluetooth, covering 60W, 120W.
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