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Remote Video Conference System

Remote Video Conference System
D6726/D6727 Output Terminal of Distributed Digital HD A/V Matrix(DVI/HDMI network interface)
D6728/D6729 Output Terminal of Distributed Digital HD A/V Matrix(DVI/HDMI fiber interface)
Standard IP network distributed structure: connect DVI/HDMI network input terminals to network through network cable;
DVI/HDMI fiber input terminal transmit through fiber; no effect to the whole system when one part breaks down, small and
easy to install, with USB interface to connect mouse
One DVI/HDMI input, one stereo audio output, support one network interface/fiber interface, two USB interface, one RS232
interface, one relay interface, one 5V DC power supply interface
Support splicing function by itself, no blank screen or flickering when switching signal
Integrated environment control function, support connection with distributed cloud central control host to control
environmental equipment such as lights, curtains and air conditioners,
Rich access control: set different permissions for different users and systems, three kinds of access for KVM management–
total control, viewing only, and access, three kinds of access for operator– exclusive takeover, total control and viewing only
KVM switching function, connectable to more than one signal of server host, move mouse to select target computer
Image preview function, automatic recognition of input signals, automatic display of images in preview box
Easy to operate: drag the signal from preview box to corresponding places to switch signals
Support IPC input
Display up to 16 screens on a single screen
With shortcut menu operation function

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