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Wireless Emergency Broadcast System

System Introduction

Composition: The Cloud Broadcast System is mainly composed of Cloud Broadcast Platform
System + Cloud Broadcast Client + Cloud Microphone + Cloud Terminal.
Transmission: Combined with IP bandwidth and 4G networks provided by the provider, It helps to achieve full coverage of regional broadcasting.

System Transmission

Cloud Broadcast Platform

Paging Microphone

Mobile App

Multimode Terminal (IP/4G/RDS)

Cloud Broadcast Adapter


Servers can be deployed in the cloud/locally to provide broadcast system services. The terminal can be connected to the system via the operator’s 4G/5G mobile network for signal transmission. Each management center (sub-control center) can achieve multi-level broadcast and on-demand functions through platform, mobile app, microphone, etc.

Intelligent Audio Video Convergence Platform

AI+ Monitoring + Broadcast
The cloud broadcast platform provides direct access to video monitor. In conjunction with the AI behavior analysis system, the platform provides proactive pre-warning, enabling automatic or manual broadcast distribution.

Through the integration and docking of multi-party platforms, with emergency comprehensive application platformas the hub, the AI analysis system is aligned with the broadcasting system to realize a perceptive, interconnected and intelligent early warning broadcasting. Unit the meteorological, water conservancy, resource planning bureau, emergency, and transport and insurance departments in Wencheng County into one to generate a high efficiency, synergy, interactive performance.

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