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Urban & Rural

  • 4G Wireless PA System for Country Town4G Wireless PA System for Country TownApril 30, 20201. Solution DescriptionDuring the epidemic, many county towns can not receive news on epidemic prevention and control, resulting in unpredictable consequences; th...view
  • 4G Wireless Emergency Broadcast System4G Wireless Emergency Broadcast SystemSeptember 23, 2021The emergency broadcast system is an important part of the construction of the public service system of radio, film and television, and plays an important role in public opinion guidance, government order transmission, information release and emergency broadcast.view
  • 4G Wireless Emergency Cloud Broadcast System & CCTV Linkage for Early Warning4G Wireless Emergency Cloud Broadcast System & CCTV Linkage for Early WarningSeptember 30, 2021The combination of DSPPA 4G wireless emergency cloud broadcast system and CCTV system can be used to effectively prevent drowning accidents and ensure the safety of people’s lives, as well as early prevention and timely processing, focusing on prevention to mainly prevent various potentially harmful behaviors and incidents, and the timeliness of emergency response to take timely and effective measures to the incident.view
  • Wireless PA Solution for VillageWireless PA Solution for VillageMarch 27, 2020Wireless PA Solution for Village1. Solution DescriptionAt the beginning of 2020, the new coronavirus pneumonia (the COVID-19) caused a global pandemic. Therefore, the epidemic prevention and control h...view
  • Security City Solution-MAG6000Security City Solution-MAG6000November 25, 2016This is a network public address solution powered by MAG6182.MAG6000 network is a multi-functional digital broadcasting system based on DSPPA contract and compatible with TCP/IP contract. With the sup...view
  • Networked + Wireless Emergency Broadcasting System for CityNetworked + Wireless Emergency Broadcasting System for CityMay 27, 20201. Solution DescriptionSafety is one of the most important topics in people’s daily life; but in recent years, there have been frequent sudden crises in society, such as Natural DisastersHazardous Ch...view
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