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Hailing & Directional Speaker System

The Hailing & Directional Speaker System offered by DSPPA is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide clear and intelligible audio in outdoor environments. This innovative system is ideal for effective communication and crowd control. With advanced features and superior sound projection, it enhances any public address system. Visit the website to explore the range of products and elevate your audio experience.
Where can a long range acoustic devices system be used?
The long range acoustic devices system has strong sound propagation directivity and has little impact on the surrounding irrelevant areas. It has been used as a non-lethal dispersal weapon by military and police in many countries, including China and the United States. Similar devices are equipped on Chinese and US warships patrolling the Gulf of Aden, and they have played a huge role in anti-piracy operations.
The mass notification speaker system can also be used for long-distance warning at highway entrances and exits, and for driving away insects and birds in forests.
How does a long range acoustic devices system(LRAD) work?
The long range acoustic devices system is designed with three bypass speakers on the front. The sound is compressed and concentrated by the sound wall, so that the sound waves can propagate forward along the device without radiating to the sides, thus reaching farther.
What are the benefits of using a long range acoustic devices system?

The long range acoustic devices system is used for long-distance voice warning and noise dispersal.
(1)Strong directivity, with little impact on the surrounding irrelevant areas.
(2)High sound pressure level, with strong sound intensity, which has a deterrent effect.
(3)Clearly audible voice, which makes it easier for the audience to understand the voice content played by the device.
(4)Reduces noise and confusion, and improves the listening experience of the audience.

Can a long range acoustic devices system be integrated with existing audio systems?
Yes, for example, the MAG1515N can be networked with the MAG6000. It also has an audio input, which can be used to connect an external playback source.
Are long range acoustic devices systems easy to install?
The long range acoustic devices system can be installed on the roof of a vehicle, on a pole, or on the roof or top of a fence with additional reinforcement. There is also a portable pull-rod type (WEP5590).
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