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  • Wireless Emergency Broadcast SystemWireless Emergency Broadcast SystemApril 24, 2023Composition: The Cloud Broadcast System is mainly composed of Cloud Broadcast Platform System + Cloud Broadcast Client + Cloud Microphone + Cloud Terminal.Transmission: Combined with IP bandwidth and ...view
  • Medical Intercom SystemMedical Intercom SystemApril 17, 2023The medical intercom system is a communication bridge between medical staff and patients, and patients can call the nurse station management machine or mobile terminal through the bedside terminal, an...view
  • Emergency PA System for Epidemic Prevention and ControlEmergency PA System for Epidemic Prevention and ControlFebruary 24, 2020In order to pay tribute to front-line heroes, DSPPA launches another 8 kinds of preferential package services for epidemic prevention and control after donating the network broadcast systems to Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan.view
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