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Digital Video System

  • 4K IP-Based Distribution Matrix System4K IP-Based Distribution Matrix SystemAugust 21, 2019The traditional matrix stitching system only solves the initial audio and video problems, which is still limited to a single conference room or a single command center, and can not be extended to depa...view
  • 4K HD Visualization System4K HD Visualization SystemJune 11, 2019The 4K visual distributed management platform of DSPPA integrates advanced and stable audio and video transmission control, graphics signal switching, multi-screen image processing, network and intell...view
  • School Records SystemSchool Records SystemJune 11, 2019DSPPA HD record system can meet the complete campus video teaching application, four high-definition cloud camera have been sued in the standard class, through 1080p image recognition technology to th...view
  • Integrated CCTV and PA SystemIntegrated CCTV and PA SystemAugust 20, 2019AV All in One Intelligent School System is a highly integrated system that combines transmission and control of audio and video and recording. It has super strong coding and decoding ability of video...view
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