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  • 4K IP-Based Distribution Matrix System4K IP-Based Distribution Matrix SystemAugust 21, 2019The traditional matrix stitching system only solves the initial audio and video problems, which is still limited to a single conference room or a single command center, and can not be extended to depa...view
  • HD8000 Remote HD Video Conference CameraHD8000 Remote HD Video Conference CameraAugust 27, 2019By adopting the most advanced H. 265 encoding and decoding technology and digital audio processing technology, DSPPA new generation 4K HD video conference system has excellent dual-stream capacity, go...view
  • School Records SystemSchool Records SystemJune 11, 2019DSPPA HD record system can meet the complete campus video teaching application, four high-definition cloud camera have been sued in the standard class, through 1080p image recognition technology to th...view
  • Integrated CCTV and PA SystemIntegrated CCTV and PA SystemAugust 20, 2019AV All in One Intelligent School System is a highly integrated system that combines transmission and control of audio and video and recording.view
  • 2K HD Seamless Mixed Video Matrix System2K HD Seamless Mixed Video Matrix SystemMarch 17, 2020The hybrid matrix switcher is an intelligent matrix switcher with high performance specially designed for the audio and video signal switching, which can be compatible with input / output card of diff...view
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