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Comparisons on Network PA System MAG6000 and Network PA System DSP9000

Comparisons on Network PA System MAG6000 and Network PA System DSP9000

In the aspect of public addressing, Network PA System MAG6000 and DSP9000 work in the same way for functions and system connections. DSP9000 is developed on the basis of MAG6000. Many functions are the same of  Network PA System MAG6000.
The reason of developing DSP9000 is for meeting the demand of market  competition. DSP9000 is with great advantages on price to meet up with the requirements of the client that pursues price benefits.
The components used by DSP9000 are relatively in lower prices and the functions are also simplified. DSP9000 is a smaller version of MAG6000 system. Therefore, at the beginning of the launch of DSP9000, we called it simplified network PA system.
Finally, after a couple of years of market development, we made a significant change on DSP9000 system. The upgraded DSP9000 can be compatible with SIP protocol, which gave DSP9000 system an additional selling point-SIP intercom function. This is also the real difference between DSP9000 system and MAG6000 system.

No. Functions MAG6000 DSP9000 Remarks
1 Audio transmission mode Support IP protocol Support IP protocol and SIP protocol
2 Support  external network Many successful cases, works stable and needs to customize, short lead time No cases so far. But this function can be customized. The lead time is not fixed
3 Number of terminals supportable Up to 2000 terminals, which can cross network segment. For projects need more than 2000 terminals, only need to add transit servers Up to 200 terminals. If exceeds, there needs to customize. The standard version does or support cross network segment. If needs, please note when placing orders.
4 Intercom function Terminal panel calls paging station one way, and the communication between two paging stations is two way SIP. Supports intercom between paging station and intercom panel. Intercom between two terminal panels can be set. Also supports SIP devices, SIP phones and SIP long distance video conference devices, etc.
5 Timing function Support built-in music and input module to input audio sources as timing audio sources Built-in music to be timing audio sources
6 Monitoring function With monitoring module to connect with monitoring speaker or set the network speaker as monitoring speaker Set the network speaker as monitoring speaker
7 POE function POE wall-mounted terminals, wall-mounted speakers, column speakers and ceiling speakers are available Only one POE wall-moutned terminal and one POE wall-mounted speaker. Other models can be customized based on order quantity
8 Telephone access function Phone input module to connect with telephone or mobile phone by making phone calls to the system Add SIP host for making SIP phone call. There needs external internet or the mobile phone is in the same WiFi with the host
9 Remote control software By android software, subcontrol computer and remote control computer By IOS app and remote control computer
10 Remote controller The terminal supports remote control. And the user can set the working state of each zone by remote control through the terminal. This is mainly used for long distance control manually in occasions, such as national flag raising N/A
11 Offline running IP audio, IP terminal with SD card storage, can realize the network off timing function The original version is with memory and realize offline timing. The current version is not with memory. This function can be customized if needed.
12 Host backup function This function has been with every standard machine, and this makes the machine a little expensive than before. Need to note when placing orders. N/A. Only supports manually switch if there is fault. And the new host must be with the same IP as the original Two hosts are online at the same time. When the main host is offline, and the standby host will automatically work
13 Audio backup function Network transmission and 100V power amplifier transmission are both supportable. In case of offline, the audio can also be transmitted in analog signals. N/A To avoid the network disconnections, the national college entrance examination will adopt analog system for playing listening test
14 Wireless microphone function With Bluetooth receiver module for connecting with Bluetooth microphones. And audio input port for connecting with other wireless microphones Audio input port for connecting with other wireless microphones
15 Size of the host 17" touch screen, the function modules are inserted in the back of the host, which is cost-saving and space-saving The host is only 1U in size. But each other function, such as fire alarm and audio input, needs an extra device. So if there needs only one host for simple broadcasting, the system is with more advantages
16 Host software All functions can be realized by controlling the host software. The system can work without the host by considering costs All functions can be realized by controlling the host software. The system can work without the host by considering costs

MAG6000 IP Network PA System:

MAG6000 IP Network PA System

DSP9000 IP Network PA & Intercom System:

DSP9000 IP Network PA & Intercom System

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