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IP Audio Peripheral System

PC10II network PA System is a high integrated and centralized control PA system. It is consist of Control Software, CD player, Multi-media player, FM tuner, Preamplifier, Zone selector, M/S amplifier switcher, Sequence controller, it is connected via Cat-5 cable and much easier to installation.
It is IP based PA audio system, which could be installed in 19 inch rack as a whole system. It support remote paging, EMC broadcasting, Zone management, and all the signal is transmitted by network, make it stable and transmit farther.
Application: School, Factory, Park, Museum, Shopping Mall, Office building etc.

  • PC1066  CD&MP3 Player with Main/Backup Switching FunctionPC1066 CD&MP3 Player with Main/Backup Switching FunctionOctober 27, 2023This product is CD&MP3 player with main/backup switching function. When there is an exception in the playback, it will automatically switch to the backup playback unit. With a high-brightness dyna...view
  • PC1076  Power Sequence ControllerPC1076 Power Sequence ControllerDecember 15, 2022This product is a power sequence controller, which can turn on or off the power of 16 channels of controlled devices in sequence, with auto and manual control. It can turn on the power when it receive...view
  • PC1063  Indirect Speaker SelectorPC1063 Indirect Speaker SelectorDecember 20, 2022PC1063 indirect speaker selector support 10-channel control, 2-channel inputs and 2 input alarm level for easy zoning management and control, which can available to be controlled by PC series and Netw...view
  • PC1062 AM / FM TunerPC1062 AM / FM TunerDecember 29, 2022The PC1062 is a AM/FM tuner that supports 40 radio storage functions in each of AM band and FM band, with automatic station search and storage, permanent memory function when power off, and can be rem...view
  • PC1061 CD / MP3 PlayerPC1061 CD / MP3 PlayerDecember 29, 2022The PC1061 is a multimedia player that supports a variety of audio playback including CD,MP3,MP4,VCD,DVD,WAV player, with full touch button control, and high-brightness background LCD screen display f...view
  • PC1065  PreamplifierPC1065 PreamplifierDecember 29, 2022This product is a preamplifier with multiple input/output ports, including 1 unbalanced priority microphone port, 2 unbalanced microphone ports, 2 balanced microphone ports, 3 unbalanced audio source ...view
  • PC1064  Automatic Switcher for Main/Backup AmplifierPC1064 Automatic Switcher for Main/Backup AmplifierDecember 29, 2022This product is an automatic switcher for main/backup amplifier, which can automatically detect the amplifier failure and switch between the “main amplifier” and the “backup amplifier”, with auto ...view
  • PC1007CII CD/MP3 PlayerPC1007CII CD/MP3 PlayerOctober 13, 2020view
  • PC1007CR Multimedia PlayerPC1007CR Multimedia PlayerOctober 13, 2020PC1007CR is a multimedia player that integrates CD, radio and Bluetooth functions. It supports a variety of audio playback including CD, USB, SD, Bluetooth and radio signals, with full touch button co...view
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