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IP Audio System

IP Audio System is based on TCP/IP protocol. It transfers audio signal and control signal via network cable. As it can use the existing network system of the building, it can save cable laying and it is more convenient to arrange zones.
DSPPA has 2 IP PA Systems, one is MAG6182 IP Network PA System, which can link up to 250 zones or even more; the other is DSP9100 IP Network Audio System, which can link up to 200 zones. They are optical PA solutions for medium and large PA projects like airports, railway stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, parks, schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, etc.
MAG6182 IP Network PA System is specially designed for large Public Address System and General Alarm System (PAGA System). It can work within LAN network and can work across different networks. The default zone control of this system is 250, and it can be extended to unlimited zones via VPN network. The console of this system is MAG6182, and end user can set up the whole network system using the main software MAG6180, without the console MAG6182. It supports computer remote control via software MAG6100.
MAG6182 adapts modularized technology, while all kinds of functions can be extended via different modules, like Audio Inputs, Monitor, Fire Alarm, TEL Input, etc.
DSP9100 IP Network Audio System is specially designed for medium PA System. It supports console off-line operation and auto running after the system is set up. The remote control and paging station DSP9101 can even control each terminal and make remote paging after the console is off-line. The console of this system is DSP9000, and end user can set up the whole network system using the main software DSP9000, without the console DSP9100.
Both MAG6182 IP Network PA System and DSP9100 IP Network Audio System have a whole set of terminals, like IP Amplifier, IP Speaker, IP Remote Paging Station, POE Speaker, etc.

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