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MAG2189 250 Zones Intelligent PA System

MAG2189 is a powerful intelligent PA system center. It is a 50x250 audio matrix. It has all the functions of a normal PA project, such as background music playing, programmed audio playing, remote paging, fire alarm, etc.
It supports 50 audio inputs and 250 audio outputs. It can play the audios of AUX inputs, built-in memory (500G), built-in CD, etc. The users can play different music to each zone.
The system supports remote paging and remote computer remote control, which make it easier for the management of large PA projects.
The use of industrial PCB along with DSPPA professional design makes the system reliable and stable. The modular function design makes the system more flexible for different projects. It is a cost effective and reliable PA solution for school, shopping mall, factory, railway station, etc.

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