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Railway PA System

The railway public address system is a highly integrated and intelligent public address system based on computer network technology and modular and layered architecture.
The system is fully digital, with the local area network as the main transmission medium, and can be transmitted to anywhere covered by the network. It can make use of the existing LAN architecture for fast construction and low investment. Besides, it can realize multi-network integration, which breaks through the pattern of the traditional public address system that can only be transmitted to the next and can only be controlled centrally through the server control room, for powerful interaction.
The railway public address system is compatible with terminals with different functions, including playback terminals, on-demand terminals, paging terminals, one-key emergency help terminals, etc.; the main server itself integrates functions such as audio player, partitioner, preamplifier, and timer, and provides a powerful audio matrix function. The equipment of this public address system mainly includes the central server, station server, function module expansion box, audio capture card, fire linkage card, paging microphone, paging console, intercom terminal and noise sensor, etc.

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