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What should I do if there is no sound when DM839 plays audio?
Please check the circuit board, if it is abnormal, please replace the capacitor of the power board or replace the entire power board.
Why is the DMA60U signal-to-noise ratio too low?
It is the standard signal-to-noise ratio of this product, the SNR of the power amplifier is basically the same, and It is very difficult to improve the SNR of the digital power amplifier. It is not recommended to modify the SNR.
Can CM30 be directly connected to D6643HD? Does the D6643HD support phantom power supply?
CM30 can be directly connected to the audio input interface of D6643HD by making a cable with XLR port at one end and Phoenix port at the other end, and the phantom power can be turned on in the control software of D6643HD.
After the MAG6180 is connected to the device, the IP address parameters and wiring are correct, but the device is not online at this time
You need to turn off the computer firewall and some anti-virus software
The MAG6588 speaker works well and can play music, but why there is no sound for paging (the Chime works fine)?
It may be that multiple switches in the system have adopted the unicast mode, and the switch needs to be changed to multicast mode, or the terminal and MAG6588 are modified to unicast on the host.
The POE170 horn speaker is available to play music, but why there is no paging sound (the Chime is working normally)?
Please check the firmware version of POE170 and upgrade to the latest version to paging normally.
What should I do if DM838 freezes during the airplay push process?
Please upgrade to the latest version of AirPlay.
Why is the terminal not displayed on the software after the MAG6180 is installed and the network is set up?
You need to turn off the firewall and anti-virus software of the computer
What should I do if the PAVA8500 software reports an error?
First, please check the connection of the network cable, then check the dialing problem of the host and the expansion amplifier, you could refer to the manual for software settings.
How does PAVA8500 change the alarm voice (Alert&Evacuation)?
Before changing, you need to change the prepared two voices into WA. audio format, and name them Alert and Evacuation respectively, and then import them into the EVAC file through the software.
Can each channel of DM858/AM8328/AM8318 be connected to speakers in parallel connection mode (for example, can DM858 be connected to eight 10W/6W speakers)?
It is not recommended to connect in this way. Theoretically, the DM858 can only connect one less than/equal to the allowable power of its channel.
Is it available to install tuya/youtobe/Alex and other apps in DM858/DM838/DM839?
None of these apps can be installed.
How do I change the Chinese to English on some interfaces of MAG6180/MAG6182II?
First, you need to record the location where Chinese appears, and then contact DSPPA Group. DSPPA technician will provide an upgrade package after modifying the program, and the solution will be solved after the installation package is upgraded.
During the use of DSP9000/DSP9312/DSP9101, the IP speaker or IP terminal is available to play music, but why there is no sound for paging (the Chime works fine)?
You need to check the firmware version of the terminal, and you can make paging normally after upgrading to the latest version.
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