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Commercial Mixer Amplifier

DSPPA production line covers all kinds of Mixer Amplifiers: one zone mixer amplifier, multi-zone mixer amplifier, analog mixer amplifier, digital mixer amplifier, integrated mixer amplifier, mixer amplifier with 70V/100V speaker output and 4-16 ohms speaker output. They can be applied in all kinds of venues where background music or paging is needed, such as restaurant, shops, supermarket, hotel, etc.

  • One Zone Mixer AmplifierOne Zone Mixer AmplifierNovember 14, 2016There are 7 models in one zone mixer amplifier, namely MP200PIII/MP300PIII, Mini60, MP35U/MP60U/MP120U, MP9306/MP9312, MP9006/MP9012, MP35,MP60B/MP120B.there are equipped with 70V/100V speaker output ...view
  • Multi-zone Mixer AmplifierMulti-zone Mixer AmplifierNovember 14, 2016There are 8 models in multi zone mixer amplifier, namely MP210U/MP310U, MP812/MP825/MP835, MP906/MP912, MP7806/MP7812/MP7825/MP7835, MP260U/MP212U, MP8712/MP8735/MP8745, MP210P/MP310P, and MP825ZS/MP8...view
  • Digital Mixer AmplifierDigital Mixer AmplifierNovember 14, 2016DSPPA digital amplifier production line covers 4 series: One Channel Digital Amplifier, Two Channel Digital Amplifier, Four Channel Digital Amplifier and Eight Channel Digital Amplifier. Comparing to ...view
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