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Intelligent Audio System

DSPPA has a complete production line for Smart Home Audio System with the AUXDIO. In order to meet different requirements of end users, AUXDIO has launched into the markets the following smart home music systems:
WiFi Speaker—DSP818/I9
It is a desk-top Bluetooth & WiFi Speaker, RMS power 40W in a fashionable box. It is an optional solution for small rooms like classroom, office, living room, etc. Features:
--RMS power 40W, 2 woofers plus 2 tweeters
--Wide frequency response: 65Hz-20KHz
--Support 4 types inputs: AUX line, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, DLNA
--Support APP control via smart phone
--Support network radio playing

Economic Music System—HM6813II/AM8250
They are 2 economic central music systems for multi rooms like houses, villas, bars, restaurants, etc. HM6813II and AM8250 are the control host, with HM30RII and BM825R being the on-wall control panels. Features:
--HiFi stereo strong outputs: HM6813II of 240W, AM8250 of 1140W
--Multiple zones control with individual volume control, HM6813II of 6 zones, AM8250 of 12 zones
--Multiple audio inputs: USB, AM/FM radio, 4 AUX line inputs (AM8250 with video input and output)
--With remote controller for convenient use

Mini Smart Music Host—DM835/DM836II/DM838
They are 3 on wall music amplifiers for single room music solution. They are on wall installation with fashionable design (colors optional). Features:
--Multiple audio inputs: AUX line, USB/SD, Bluetooth
--DM836II & DM838 support network radio
--DM838 support smart phone APP control, Airplay and DLNA playing
--DM838 support network APP download and network music & video playing

Network Smart Music System
They are 2 network music consoles with built-in amplifiers for multiroom music solution. Features:
--8 zones independent stereo out puts (AM8328 can extend to 72 zones)
--Built-in HiFi stereo output: AM8318 with 560W, AM8328 with 620W
--Multiple music inputs: 3 AUX lines, USB, SD, network radio, network hard disk and DLNA playing
--Support APP control via smart phone
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