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  • Feedback ProcessorFeedback ProcessorSeptember 26, 2023view
  • CD PlayerCD PlayerSeptember 26, 2023view
  • Secquence ControllerSecquence ControllerSeptember 26, 2023view
  • D6560 Desktop Condenser MicrophoneD6560 Desktop Condenser MicrophoneDecember 14, 2017D6560 Conference microphone selection of high-quality back pole capacitance pole, with excellent directivity, designed for the human voice design frequency response, with the head and tail soft middle...view
  • D6558 Desktop Condenser MicrophoneD6558 Desktop Condenser MicrophoneDecember 14, 2017This product is designed based on the frequency response characteristics of human voice and according to the characteristics of acoustic phase interference to suppress acoustic feedback. It integrates...view
  • D6559 Desktop Condenser MicrophoneD6559 Desktop Condenser MicrophoneDecember 14, 2017This product is not only wide frequency, and the human voice will be clear, transparent. Under 1000 Hz was micro-heart-shaped features .1000Hz above was super-cardioid directional, 135 degrees can pro...view
  • Tel:+86 020 37166520
  • Address:No.1 Xiahe Rd, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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