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Audio Conference

DSPPA conference has been a reference in conferencing technology for decades. Equip your conference rooms with technology that increases powerful connections. DSPPA offers audio and video solutions for conference rooms of all sizes.
In order to meet clients' different needs for the conference systems, DSPPA has developed the following digital conference systems.
It includeds MP9866 Series, Economic Conference System, D6801 Series, Wireless Microphone System, D6201 Series, Intelligent Conference System
and D9001 Series, Paperless Conference System

  • Digital Conference SystemDigital Conference SystemNovember 30, 2016DSPPA Intelligent Conference System is powered by D6201. This conference system supports 128 conference microphones at the same time, and can be extended to 4096 microphones by extension equipment.view
  • Wireless Conference SystemWireless Conference SystemJuly 3, 2017Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Install-&-Use Systems for Small, Mid-Size & Large Meeting Spaces. Wireless audio systems is endlessly adaptable to every meeting purpose and space.view
  • Paperless Conference SystemPaperless Conference SystemJuly 26, 2018Make your meetings and conferences smart with DSPPA Paperless Conference System. Support functions such as check-in, conference files sharing, voting and discussion to realize paperless conference environment.view
  • Conference Voting SystemConference Voting SystemNovember 18, 2016view
  • Central Control SystemCentral Control SystemSeptember 30, 2017DSPPA has developed a set of centralized control system, which integrates centralized control of lighting, equipment, projection and audio and video into one system, providing users with a simple and direct control interface.view
  • Related Audiovisual SystemRelated Audiovisual SystemJune 11, 2019The system is widely used in conferences and other places for monitoring, multimedia information release, command and dispatch.view
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