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IP Visualized Intercom System

Visual Network PA System is a highly integrated and intelligent public address system, which is based on TCP/IP technology, in modular layered construction and integrates the functions of audio network PA system and visual intercom system. The system is in full digital transmission and takes LAN, Internet as the main transmission media, which makes it is easy to be applied to any place covered by network. The installation can be conducted basing on the existing LAN. And multiple network systems can be combined and compatible with each other to realize fast construction and cost saving purpose.

This system has functions of audio broadcast, audio and video interactive intercom, audio and video help calling, video monitoring, information release, street lighting, PM2.5 detection, GIS electronic map, TTS speech synthesis, alarm system, etc. It can be extended with the functions of access control system and the third-party platform integration.

Visual intercom communication system is used for the security, visitors, owners and outdoor help caller to have audio and video communication with each other. Its purpose is to realize security prevention and management.

It is widely used for the intercom communication of public and private places, such as buildings, command centers, prisons, banks, medical centers, enterprise industries and transportations, etc.

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