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Medical Intercom System

The medical intercom system is a communication bridge between medical staff and patients, and patients can call the nurse station management machine or mobile terminal through the bedside terminal, and two-way audio and video intercom or two-way audio intercom can be realized after connection. The main role is to help improve the patient's medical experience, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, reduce the probability of medical errors, and reduce the contradictions between doctors and patients.

The construction of digital hospitals requires that the development trend of this system is to develop in the direction of digitalization, and the system is networked with the HIS system to send the basic information of patients to the patient's bedside terminal. The system can provide call intercom, call record storage, nurse positioning, voice reminder, information release and other functions, improve the automation, digitalization and humanization of nursing work, and realize the extension of hospital nursing information management system to the ward.

Ethernet Networking

WIFI Networking

Two-wire Networking

SPOE Networking

Digital-to-Analog Networking

Application Scenario: Nurse Station

Application Scenario & Functions


Application Scenario: the Doorway of Ward

Application Scenario: Ward 

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