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DSPPA has 3 types of microphones: desk-top microphones, fireman microphones/emergency microphones, remote paging microphones/remote paging stations.
The fireman microphones/emergency microphones and remote paging microphones/remote paging stations are designed to work with specific systems, while the desk-top microphones can work with normal preamplifiers or mixer amplifiers.
  • Desktop MicrophoneDesktop MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016DSPPA Desktop Microphones are designed for both PA system and conference System. They are designed with desk base and gooseneck for friendly use. They are easy to use, suitable for different places li...view
  • Fireman MicrophoneFireman MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016DSPPA Fireman Microphone is especially designed for PA system. It is equipped with solid body, handheld and press & speak design, making it optical for emergency use. It can be used with the conso...view
  • Remote Paging MicrophoneRemote Paging MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016DSPPA Remote Paging Microphones are designed for medium and large PA systems where remote paging function is needed. Usually it is equipped multiple zones, built-in chime, powered by the console, etc....view
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