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DSPPA | Waterproof Outdoor Horn Speaker System in Mysia Wieża, Poland

DSPPA | Waterproof Outdoor Horn Speaker System in Mysia Wieża, Poland

Abstract: DSPPA Waterproof Outdoor Horn Speaker System was successfully installed in Mysia Wieża, a tourist attraction in Poland.

Project Information
Mysia Wieża, also named Mice Tower, is a 32-meter-high brick octagonal tower built by King Casimir the Great around 1350. Located in the Krusziwica, the oldest town in central Poland, it is a well-known local tourist attraction and viewing point, standing on its top with a good view of Inowrocław, Strzelno, and Radziejów in its entirety.

In order to provide a stable and reliable sound reinforcement system, DSPPA was entrusted to arrange the 300W waterproof outdoor speaker system for this scenic spot.

Product Highlight

DSP3008A DSP3012A DSP3028A series is an all-weather professional waterproof horn speaker designed for indoor and outdoor places, with class-D digital amplifiers working together to achieve long-distance sound reinforcement, clear and bright sound quality, simple and convenient installation.

Waterproof Outdoor Horn Speaker
With high power, high sound pressure level, long range, high intelligibility and other technical advantages, the DSP3008A DSP3012A DSP3028A series can be applied to different and large venues such as stations, parks, schools, squares, scenic spot, etc.

Class D Digital Power Amplifier
DA2125 DA2250 DA2500 / DA4060 DA4125 DA4250
● 2/4 channel amplifiers within one 1U & 19" case
● 2/4 audio inputs and 2/4 channel speaker outputs
● 2/4 priority inputs and 2/4 100V inputs
● 70V/100V speaker output for long distance transfer
● Industrial design for audio project, long term & stable use
● High efficiency (85%) and with standby function for power saving
● Power supply: AC180V-260V/50Hz-60Hz or DC24V (110V Customized)

Installation Effect
The speaker system can be linked with the fire protection system, and when an emergency occurs, the alarm voice information can be broadcast quickly and widely to direct the evacuation of personnel in the scenic spot.

System Diagram

After the installation, our customers spoke highly of its characteristic. We are very pleased with the satisfaction of our customers, and once again appreciate their trust.

DSPPA will continue to offer much-improved service with empressement and tailor more high-quality solutions for our customers' friends.

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