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Digital Conference System

In order to meet clients' different needs for the conference systems, DSPPA has developed the following digital conference systems.
It includeds MP9866 Series, Economic Conference System, D6801 Series, Wireless Microphone System, D6201 Series, Intelligent Conference System
and D9001 Series, Paperless Conference System

  • Intelligent Conference SystemIntelligent Conference SystemNovember 30, 2016DSPPA Intelligent Conference System is powered by D6201. This conference system supports 128 conference microphones at the same time, and can be extended to 4096 microphones by extension equipment.view
  • Central Control SystemCentral Control SystemSeptember 30, 2017view
  • Wireless Conference SystemWireless Conference SystemJuly 3, 2017D6801 Series, Wireless Microphone SystemThis system consists of 3 models: D6801 Wireless Conference Host, D6802 Wireless Chairman Microphone, D6803 Wireless Delegate Microphone. Features:--Advanced an...view
  • Digital Simultaneous Interpretation SystemDigital Simultaneous Interpretation SystemJuly 13, 2017view
  • Economic Conference SystemEconomic Conference SystemNovember 18, 2016DSPPA Economic Conference System is powered by MP9866II. This conference system supports up to 35 conference microphones at the same time. It supports multiple conference mode as FREE mode, FIFO mode,...view
  • Conference Amplifier and SpeakerConference Amplifier and SpeakerDecember 14, 2017view
  • Audio MixerAudio MixerMay 7, 2021With the most comprehensive and professional features, as well as the solid structure and flexible design, the CA series is very cost-effective in installation and recording with best sound quality an...view
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