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D9000 Paperless Conference System Solution

DSPPA Paperless Conference System helps companies to standardize conference process and increase efficiency of conference and security of content. All conference files are managed by this system and saved by the administrator, which greatly enhanced the confidentiality of the meeting. The system supports voting, interaction, screen-share, tea service and other functions. Audio, video and computer signal of multiple companies can be recorded, previewed and replayed simultaneously, which satisfies needs of different environment.

1、Main server of Paperless Conference System
2、Support meeting of 1-128 conference terminals
3、X86 structure design, aluminum alloy panel, 9" LCD
4、screen, draw type keyboard and mouse
5、Intelligent meeting management, can realize sign-in, file
6、sharing, video sharing, voting, video projection, etc.
7、Support central control of DSPPA electronic nameplates(D7022II & D7022MIC)
8、Paperless Conference System video recorder
9、Can realize record & play function of video & audio
10、High definition video inputs: HD-SDI (4 channels), HDMI
11、2 audio inputs, 2 audio outputs
12、Support multiple screen management, support subtitle and
13、video editing function
14、Support local control & remote control, can upload the video to cloud for sharing

Product List:
D9001II Paperless Conference System Host 2
D9000 Intelligent Paperless Conference System Software Package 2
HJ2025M 11.6” Two-sided Desktop Network Microphone 16
HJ2025 11.6” Two-sided Desktop Network Microphone 16
D4044HD Video Recorder with Encode & Decode Function 2
D6201 Intelligent Conference Host 1
MX1000II Professional Stereo Power Amplifier 4
D6564 Two-way Full Range Cabinet Speaker 8
D6575 Digital Audio Processor 2
IDM-7001 Line array
Mic conference host
IDM-7002 Line Array  Mic Processor 1
MG10 Audio Mixer 2
IL-6002R video conference camera 2

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