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Smart City Pole System

The Smart Pole Solution seamlessly incorporates LED Street Lights, LED Display Screens, IP Cameras, Environment/Air Sensors, SOS Emergency Intercoms, Wi-Fi Access Points, IP Speakers, Mobile Chargers, and Charging Piles. Operating under the "Smart City" framework, it efficiently oversees urban road lighting, disseminates information, monitors security, issues emergency alarms, and detects air quality. Additionally, it offers internet connectivity to the public and supports charging for both personal devices and electric vehicles.

Under the Smart Pole Management System, intelligent policies such as Intelligent Lighting, LED Displays, IP Speakers, IP Cameras, and Wi-Fi are consolidated for streamlined management and control. All smart poles can communicate with the control room via the internet or Ethernet network. This software platform operates on an open architecture, providing an API interface for seamless integration and collaboration with third-party systems.

Deployable in parks, streets, scenic spots, and thoroughfares alike, this project serves as a comprehensive solution for urban infrastructure enhancement.

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