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DSPPA MAG6000 Network PA System Applied in Yunnan Railway Station

Abstract: We applied our MAG6000 IP Network PA System to Gejiu railway station in Yunnan Province.

Project Background

Gejiu Railway Station is a railway station in Yunnan Province. It is the first modern comprehensive passenger transport hub for highways and railways in Honghe Autonomous Prefecture.

Installation Scene

The project adopts our MAG6000 IP Network PA System to play background music, daily broadcast and emergency paging in the railway station. Now, let’s have a look at the installation scene.

When there is an emergency in the railway station, such as a fire or lost and found, the working staff can use the paging microphone to guide the passengers quickly evacuate from the fire point or deliver the information on lost and found and help the passenger  find their belongs.

Product Highlight

System Connection Diagram

This project has been highly praised by our clients, laying a sound foundation for us to enter the rail system.

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