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DSPPA 4G Cloud Broadcast System Applied to Community Service

DSPPA 4G Cloud Broadcast System Applied to Community Service

Abstract: DSPPA Emergency Cloud Broadcast System has been applied to Guancang Community, Zhangmutou, Dongguan City.

Project Background
Guancang Community is a community under the jurisdiction of Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City. With the growing diversity of the material, cultural and living needs of the community residents, a new and higher requirements for community services has been proposed.

In response to the proposal of better community services, the community has adopted DSPPA Emergency Cloud Broadcast System to better serve the community residents.

With the system installed in the community, voice announcements and emergency broadcasting can be delivered to designated IP broadcast speakers, so that community residents can be informed in a timely manner when there is an emergency. Also, the background music and timing broadcast can be fulfilled to enrich their lives.

System Connection Diagram

Product Highlight

DSPPA Emergency Cloud Broadcast System is a network public address system based on TCP/IP protocol and adopts transmission methods of 4G network, Internet and radio digital signal.

The system can deliver the upper-level policies, promote spiritual civilization construction, and carry out natural disaster early warning, in a safe and timely manner.

Besides, it supports multi-level and cross-regional broadcasting and can be widely used in rural areas or chains where cross-regional unified construction is needed.

Leveraging the 4G Cloud Broadcast System, the community can delivery policies from the upper level to each and every family, effectively achieving full coverage of information.

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