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D7022II Wireless ​Desktop Paperless Multi-media Congress System

D7022II Wireless Desktop All-In-One Discussion  Paperless Multi-media Congress System

D7022II Wireless Desktop All-In-One Discussion Paperless Multi-media Congress System
D7022II Wireless Desktop All-In-One Discussion Paperless Multi-media Congress System


The DSPPA paperless conference system software can issue the internal conference notice of the unit group, provide the admission guidelines for participants, record the attendance of participants, and view the information and check-in status of participants. Also, it can access to various conference materials such as text, pictures and videos, and carry out exchange, distribution and sharing of conference files. Participants can experience the paper writing in a paperless conference by finger touch or the electronic pen to annotate the document displayed on the screen, which can be saved in the original handwriting. In addition, it can perform functions such as conference voting, projection application, and call service.

System Features

1. Support paperless conference control
2. Support synchronous demonstrations
3. Support remote video conference in HD video display
4. Support central control
5. Support function customization and office OA system docking
6. Support multiple conference management
7. Support all mainstream OS (Windows, Android)
8. Support UI interface customization
9. Support wired 1000MB LAN
10. Independent Intellectual Property rights owned by DSPPA

Conference Application and Functions

Conference check-in:
Participants’ check-in (free check-in setting in the background).
Quick check-in with one-click, automatic check-in status recorded in the background.

Participants interface:
Display the participant’s seat number, name, unit, position, and check-in time in the form of a list.

Conference agenda:
Display the current conference agenda.

Conference materials:
Display and open conference materials distributed by the administrator.
Support file classification (text, picture, video).
Support various office file formats.

Conference vote:
Provide voting function at the conference site.
Supports customized voting forms (single choice, multiple choices).
Support multiple voting methods (open vote/ secret vote/abstain from voting).

Annotation viewing:
The content annotations made during the conference text review process will be saved in the background conference management server. Each participant’s annotations will be saved separately. Participants can view the previous annotations through the annotation viewing function at any time.

Projection application:
Participants can apply for synchronizing his screen to the conference projector or large screen.

Screen management:
Participants can apply for sharing his screen with others.

Internal communication module:
Support real-time communications between participants.
Support one or more recipients.
Support real-time display of sending and receiving information.
Multi-channel video display:
Support four-channel video signals display.
Support streaming video source play.
Support video zoom in and out.
Support one-click sharing video to all screens

Call service:
Call an attendant and display the corresponding information in the attendant terminal in a conference.

Solution Configuration:
The system is mainly equipped with system server, file management server, conference host with recording and broadcasting, intelligent network extender, HD conference camera, service receiving terminal, conference terminal with lifting monitor and so on.

Product List







Electronic Nameplate Software




Dual Screen Conference Electronic Nameplate




Electronic Nameplate Server




Wireless Conference Terminal Extender


System Connection Diagram

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