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DSPPA | Contributions to China's Gaokao 2022

DSPPA | Contributions to China's Gaokao 2022

Abstract: The national college entrance examination, known as the “Gaokao”, will be held on June 7th and 8th. Gaokao is deemed to social mobility and national talent selection in China. Some 12 million students sit the exam across the country. DSPPA has established work team for device check and maintenance at each site.

Zero Failure for the “Gaokao”

From mid-May to early June, DSPPA has dispatched technical teams to conduct field device tests in many provinces, ensuring smooth Gaokao process.

DSPPA technical staff carried out the standardized listening broadcast tests at exam sites to screen loopholes out, doing their best to achieve "Zero Failure" for the national college entrance examination.

On Duty for Quick Response

In an effort to ensure a smooth exam process, DSPPA staff stayed on duty and formulated detailed plans for quick emergency response in many examination venues.

at we've done is to provide better services and foster a stress free atmosphere for examinee.

All efforts will not be in vain. DSPPA wish every university candidate good luck!

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