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DSP169HD High Fidelity Video Megaphone


● Designed for police and crowd control applications.
● 200 meters rang, with voice enhance and alarm siren.
● STIPA 0.9 for speaking clearly, high fidelity .
● Built-in HD camera for photo and video shooting.
● Built-in USB,tuner, LED torch and volume control.
● Support voice recording and Li-Ion or dry battery.

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The DSP169HD is a high fidelity megaphone with camera.

This Video Megaphone is superior to normal megaphone for the following points:

(1) High quality audio output, can play MP3 for background music;

(2) With built-in FM module;

(3) With photo function, can take photos for evidence;

(4) With video shooting function, can record video of 1080/720P;

It is an ideal choice for outdoor activities, sport field, police stations, schools, where voice reinforcement is needed.
DSP169HD High Fidelity Video Megaphone

Video Megaphone specificaiton
DSP169HD High Fidelity Video Megaphone

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