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D6232 Delegate Mic


● Exquisite embedded structure design, removable microphone rod, easy to use.
● A speech conference unit integrating speech and voting functions.
● With 2m dedicated 8-pin DIN high-density cable, and an aviation male connector.
● Electret cardioid directional condenser pickup microphone, with two-color indicator ring (red/green), red for speaking, green for applying for speaking.
● The standard knob-type gooseneck microphone rod is available in 315mm and 415mm, and black and silver.
● The microphone rod can be removed during recess for easy maintenance and preservation.
● With 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for headphone connection.
● With super strong anti-interference capability.
● With microphone on/off button and 5 voting buttons, with a chairman priority button for the chairman unit.
● With button sign-in function.
● With a unique ID for each conference unit.
● With a high-brightness LCD screen, it can display the following information in real time when the unit is working.
● Equipped with a camera, it can realize automatic tracking after setting by the digital conference system host or PC control software.
● Equipped with the control host, the unit has a self-test function. The items to be tested include: buttons, MIC, LED indicator, and LCD screen.
● The unit is a passive device, powered by the system host, with the input voltage of 24V.
● Through the host settings, the chairman unit has the priority function (can mute or turn off all delegate units), and the podium mode (the chairman unit is always on).
● The chairman unit has the function of approving the application for speaking from the delegate unit.
● The chairman unit can be turned on freely without being restricted by the number of speaking mics.
● The chairman unit has the priority function of fully controlling the conference order.
● The connection position of the chairman unit is not restricted.
● Support “hand-in-hand”, “T-type” and “+-type” connection modes.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

D6232 embedded delegate microphone with voting function is a professional conference system Microphone with sensitive buttons and easy to operate. Not only does it have exquisite embedded structure design, removable microphone rod, easy to use, but also with strong anti-interference capability. It can be integrated with the D6201 series of conference systems to form a comprehensive solution for high-quality conference systems.



Structure Type


Static Power Consumption


Maximum Power Consumption




Crosstalk Attenuation


Harmonic Distortion


Headphone Output


Working Power

Host power supplyDC24V

Unit Interface

8-pinDIN dedicated interface

Microphone Type

Electret cardioidcondenser



Input Impedance


Equivalent Noise




Outer Dimensions(L×W×H)


Panel Dimensions(L×W×H)


Chassis Dimensions(L×W)


Net Weight


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