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DSP225NM Teaching Speaker


● Based on the TCP/IP protocol, the network multifunctional decoding player can work across network segments.
● Support standard SIP protocol.
● Adopt RFID automatic frequency pairing technology, to realize automatic frequency pairing with the receiver at a certain distance without manual operation.
● Adopt 2.4G frequency pairing method to obtain a larger range and stronger anti-interference ability. After the receiver is paired with the transmitter, the pairing signal of the receiver will enter a silent state to avoid crosstalk of other devices nearby.
● Adopt anti-crosstalk voice encryption technology. When the device completes the frequency pairing to enter the voice transmission, the voice transmission between the devices will be under digital encrypted transmission, and other devices cannot communicate with the receiver.
● With three levels of adjustable voice receiving distance, to set three kinds of voice receiving distances, the largest for a space of about 15×8 meters, the middle for about 12×6 meters, and the smallest for about 9×6 meters.
● Multiple audio input: wireless MIC IN, MIC IN, 100V IN, AUX IN, network audio input.
● Support multiple audio formats: MP3, WAV, etc.
● Support one-key remote paging.
● With various control interfaces, such as I/O port and RS485 communication port.
● Can play the BGM, emergency paging and alarm signals from the host system.
● Can be controlled and played through the management software.
● Priority function: 100V IN/Network alarm>Wireless MIC/Local MIC>Network audio>AUX IN.
● Rated power 2×20W.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This device is a teaching speaker that integrates local sound reinforcement, multimedia teaching and network broadcasting, with priority 100V function. The speaker box is made of high-quality fiberboard and cold-pressed birch, allows for wall-mounted installation and supports sub-speaker to ensure high-quality sound. It is the best choice for teaching, large-scale lectures, business training, banquet halls, supermarkets and other places.



Acoustic System

Speaker Unit


Sensitivity (1m, 1W)


MAX. SPL. (1m)


Frequency Response


Audio Input

WirelessMICIN Sensitivity

10 mV

WiredMICIN Sensitivity

45 mV

AUXIN Sensitivity


100VIN Sensitivity


Audio Output



Control Interface

I/OPort IN

5-12V DC, optical isolation


Relay normally open, short circuit after triggering





Amplifier System

Rated Power(RMS)


Frequency Response






Wireless MIC Receiving System

Frequency Range


Frequency Response


UHF Sensitivity


AFOutput Level


RFID Output Power





Power IN

AC 100-240V/50-60Hz

Decoding Format

MP3, WAV, etc.

LAN Port Standard

RJ45 10/100M

Support Protocols

DHCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP (multicast)

Package Dimensions (W×H×D)


Product Dimensions (W×H×D)


Gross Weight


Product Weight


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