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LA-6500 LA-215SUB Active Line Array Speaker


● LA-6500 Professional Passive Line Array Loudspeaker
● LA-6500 is a new type of sound system that combines the advantages of line source technology and the plug-and-play method. It is designed for professional sound reinforcement and high-end venue applications, with sweet and nature timbre, high restoration authenticity, full mid-frequency, penetrating power, delicate high frequency, rich sense of extension. It has high fidelity, high sound pressure level and minimal distortion.
● LA-6500 has four 6.5” woofers, providing a usable bandwidth of 90Hz and a 6.5” midrange speaker plus two ribbon tweeters loaded with a J-shaped progressive surface. This sensor device produces a Hor.120°×Vert.60° (+50/-10°) directivity pattern optimized for wide horizontal coverage with extended throw capabilities. Its matching LA-215SUB active subwoofer uses two 15" high-power and high-dynamic neodymium magnetic bass units, designed to provide low-frequency dynamics and extended bandwidth as low as 45Hz.
● The LA-6500 can be quickly installed on top of the LA-215SUB using auto-connect plug-and-play audio and physical connections.
● Applications: Social activity venues, churches, auditoriums, theaters, theme parks, museums, lounges, bars, and hotels.
● LA-215SUB Active Subwoofer
● Dual 15-inch active low-frequency speakers with an inverted design, provide a powerful and shocking sound for audiences with more precise and powerful audio.
● With a powerful built-in DSP processor, it features functions such as gain, crossover, equalization, delay, compression, and program memory, etc. Users can either select the manufacturer's preset program design or optimize the settings themselves;
● It adopts switching power supply design, with light weight and stable performance, and "CLASS-D" power amplifier with high power and small distortion;
● The top has groove slots and connection fixing components, making it easy to connect and fix with the line array speaker LA-6500, making installation convenient and fast
● The fan and aluminum radiator are used for cooling, ensuring the stability of the amplifier module.
● Applications: Social activity venues, churches, auditoriums, theaters, theme parks, museums, lounges, bars, and hotels.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The LA-6500 Professional Passive Line Array Loudspeaker system, along with the LA-215SUB Active Subwoofer, provides a comprehensive solution for professional sound reinforcement. The LA-6500 offers a blend of line source technology and ease of use, delivering natural timbre, high fidelity, and broad frequency response. The LA-215SUB adds deep and precise bass, powered by a built-in DSP and a lightweight, stable Class-D amplifier. This compact, powerful system is ideal for diverse venues, ensuring powerful and clear sound for audiences.



Rated Power

700W (LF:500W MHF:200W)

Max. Power(PEAK)

LF:2000W MHF:800W

Driver Units

Bass 6.5 inches (178mm)×4

Midrange 6.5 inches (178mm)×1
Ribbon tweeter× 290Hz~20KHz

Frequency Range(±3dB)


Coverage Range(-6dB)



LF:100dB MHF:105dB


LF:127dB (Continuous) /133dB (Peak) 
MHF:128dB (Continuous) /134dB (Peak) 

Standard Impedance


Product Dimension(H×W×Dmm)


Net Weight




Rated Power


Driver Units

Neodymium magnet woofer 15 inches (380mm)×2

Frequency Range(±3dB)


Coverage Range(-6dB)



138dB (Peak)

Amplifier Module

Equipped with DSP Module, Class D Amplifier



Input Sensitivity



XLR (Balanced)

Power Supply


Product Dimension(H×W×Dmm)


Net Weight


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