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MAG6410 Single Slot Extended Controller


● 1U standard cabinet size design;
● Dual 10 / 100M self-adaption network interface;
● EMC industrial design;
● Aluminum alloy wire-drawing panel;
● Can connect the telephone paging module and audio input terminal module and 32-channel fire connection module.

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

MAG6410 single slot extended controller is a new module interface controller, with dual network redundancy design and can be attached to any place where the network can reach. Host intelligent control; no need to local control, only through the normal remote configuration of management software can be normally used. It can be connected to DSPPA’s three modules of telephone paging and audio input terminal and 32-channel fire connection.


AC fuse F1L


1. AC220V/180V 50/60Hz(Working power of extended controller)

2. DC15V DC5V(audio input module/telephone paging module
   /32-channel fire connection working power)

Package dimensions(L×W×H mm)


Machine dimensions(L×W×H mm)


Net weight


MAG6410 Single Slot Extended Controller

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