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Dynamic Microphone

DSPPA Fireman Microphone is especially designed for PA system. It is equipped with solid body, handheld and press & speak design, making it optical for emergency use. It can be used with the console like MAG3210, MAG2120, MAG6182, etc.
  • EC200 Paging MicrophoneEC200 Paging MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016EC-200 is a 50~12000Hz Paging Microphone. Easy to use, suitable for different requirement. Output impedance is 200Ω. Support terminal plug & play function.view
  • CB100 Hand-held Microphone for PA SystemCB100 Hand-held Microphone for PA SystemNovember 30, 2016This item names PA Microphone/Condenser Microphone /Handheld MicrophoneDesigned for pa system/ professional sound system Smart use speech use microphoneHigh sensitivity dynamic microphonePush to talk ...view
  • DM30 Professional Dynamic MicrophoneDM30 Professional Dynamic MicrophoneJuly 12, 2017CM30/DM30 is specially designed and made for various kinds of meeting, lectures, broadcasting, recording occasion, etc. It adopts high quality dynamic cartridge to make sure that the microphone has hi...view
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