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MX2500II/V1 Stereo Proessional Power Amplifier


● Two-channel stereo professional power amplifier
● New design, standard chassis, suitable for standard cabinet installation
● A series of high-power amplifier arbitrary choice to meet the different needs
● With stereo, parallel and BTL bridge three operating mode options for the choice of working mode switch selection
● Individually volume control for each channel
● Stereo work minimum load impedance of 4Ω, BTL work the minimum load impedance of 8Ω, parallel work minimum load impedance of 2Ω
● With XLR signal input interface (female base) and XLR signal output interface (male base), flexible and convenient to use
● Amplifier output with a common wiring column and professional SPEAKON speaker socket (only for stereo mode)
● With short circuit protection, DC protection, power off and a variety of protection and alarm functions
● Each channel is equipped with LED working status indication, low noise design
● Suitable for a variety of different occasions, language transmission and sound reinforcement.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The MX Series is the latest design stereo amplifier with low distortion and high efficiency. With reliable protection of overvoltage, under-voltage, DC, short circuit and alarming function conference. BTL connection is available.
It is suitable for conference system, meeting room, life performance.

Item No.


Rated output/ channel, 8Ω

2 x 400W

Rated output / channel, 4Ω

2 x 700W

Rated output / channel, 2Ω @ 1khz nonclip

2 x 1050W

Rated output / bridge, 8Ω


Rated output / bridge, 4Ω @ 1kHz


Input Interface

2 Speakon for Stereo & Bridge Output

Input Sensitivity


Input impedance

20kΩ/ balance, 10kΩ/ unbalance


≥ 100dB

Damping coefficient/ 8Ω,1kHz

200 :1

Input common mode rejection

> 90dB

Frequency response

20Hz-20kHz (± 0.5 dB)

Distortion (4Ω: 1kHz)

< 0.1%

Channel impedance Output

2-16Ohm/ bridge

Channel crosstalk

< -70dB

Voltage gain

> 38dB

Power Supply



Soft start, load short circuit, voltage limit, DC output,

Device Size (mm)

(L×W×H) 484×446×88 (2U)

Packing Size (mm)

(L×W×H) 535×530×195





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