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Wall Mount Speaker

Due to its convenience in installation, Wall Mount Speaker is quite popular in indoor voice reinforcement projects for back ground music and paging. DSPPA DSP6061 series wall mount speaker has been the favorite product for its wonderful sound effect and reliability. Its housing uses thickened industrial ABS, while grille uses stainless, durable for long term use. The series has 1 high pitch driver unit of 1”, and low pitch driver units of 4”, 5”, 6.5” and 8“. In 2016, DSPPA has launched an improved wall mount speaker series—DSP8062 Series. Comparing to DSP6061 Series, it has more fashionable outlook, with low pitch driver units of 4” (RMS 20W), 5” (RMS 30W), 6.5” (RMS 40W).
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