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DSPPA Empowers Beijing 2022 Winter Games

DSPPA Empowers Beijing 2022 Winter Games

In 2008, DSPPA undertook 10 important public address projects of Beijing Olympic Games, making positive contributions to the success of the Games. In 2022, as the time-honored brand, DSPPA has once again been recognized by the Olympic Games Organizing Committee.

DSPPA empowers the Winter Games with 4K distributed conprehensive management platform, conference system, professional sound reinforcement system and other supporting facilities.

Empowering the Transportation Management of Chongli

Chongli was responsible for the majority of snow sports of the Winter Games.

To ease the traffic congestion of Chongli, DSPPA introduced 4K distributed management platform, paperless conference system, digital conference system, central control system, conference recording system and other equipment for Chongli Integrated Transportation Control Center, ensuring a smooth and safe traffic in Zhangjiakou during the Winter Olympic Games.

Empowering Command Posts of Armed Police

To ensure security during the Winter Games, the technical team of DSPPA provided professional sound reinforcement system, high-definition audio and video system and other professional sound reinforcement system for the conference room of the Security Center of the Command Post of Armed Police.

Empowering Olympic Park Management Committee Integrated Command Center

It is affiliated to the command and control center of Operation and Security Command of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

DSPPA brought complete conference sound reinforcement system solutions and equipment to this main venue. The perfect sound field effect meets the demand of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Games has made China the global focus again! The athletes have recorded a new high of the Winter Olympics Games with their tenacity and perseverance, while DSPPA, with its professional and reliable products, has served the world-class event again and made China's voice resound in the world stage!

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