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DSPPA | Conference & Pro Sound Systems for Large Projects

DSPPA | Conference & Pro Sound Systems for Large Projects

Abstract: Here gathers a variety of DSPPA conference and pro sound projects for international summits and major sports events.

Asian Games Hangzhou 2023
DSPPA has become the Official Supplier of Audio Equipment for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2023. Following the Guangzhou Asian Games and the Jakarta Asian Games, DSPPA will show the charm of Chinese national enterprises to the world once again.

Shandong Provincial Game Rizhao 2022
As a leading company in the field of audio and video, DSPPA has strong R&D and production capabilities. With its strong strength, DSPPA designed a set of overall solution integrating professional sound reinforcement system, recording and broadcasting system, central control system, simultaneous interpretation system, and network public address system for the Rizhao Kuishan Sports Center of the Shandong Provincial Games, assisting the construction of intelligent systems in gymnasiums, and providing stable technical support for the holding of events.

Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games
In 2008, DSPPA undertook the public address system project for 10 major stadiums of Beijing Olympic Games, making positive contributions to the success of the Games. In 2022, as the time-honored brand, DSPPA has once again been recognized by the Olympic Games Organizing Committee.

DSPPA empowered the Winter Games with 4K distributed integrated management platform, conference system, professional sound reinforcement system and other supporting facilities.

National Games 2021 in Shaanxi, China
As for this sports event, DSPPA public address system, digital conference system, professional sound system and other products have facilitated the construction of multiple competition venues.

CISM Military World Games 2019
For Military World Games 2019, the largest sports event with the largest number of participants and the most extensive influence in the history of the Military World Games, DSPPA provided public address system, conference system and professional sound system to escort the Games with its high quality, ensure the orderly progress of the competition, and convey the voice of peace.

The venue uses multiple sets of line array speakers for sound reinforcement, combined with high-intelligibility horn speakers to create a uniform sound field.

2018 Jakarta Asian Games
DSPPA intelligent conference system played an important role in the conference room of the office building of the Asian Games Organizing Committee, with excellent product quality and stable operation, which was highly recognized by the Organizing Committee of the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia. With its outstanding product quality, DSPPA has made positive contributions to the success of the 18th Asian Games.

2018 Arxan Forum in Inner Mongolia, China
In 2018, the first Arxan Forum was successfully held in Inner Mongolia, the conference hall of which adopted DSPPA conference systems, including professional conference system, central control matrix, simultaneous interpretation system and hand-in-hand conference system, contributing to the success of Arxan Forum.

G20 Hangzhou Summit 2016
In 2016, as the command center of the entire Hangzhou electric power system and the power supply guarantee of the G20 Summit venue, the State Grid Hangzhou Electric Power Building adopted DSPPA digital conference system, electronic desktop nameplates, central control matrix and 40 sets of intelligent paperless conference system to help the security work related to power electricity for the G20 Summit.

2012 ASEM Summit
In 2012, the ASEM Summit was held in ASEAN (Laos) International Convention Center, and adopted 5 sets of DSPPA digital conference system, including 5 sets of conference system, simultaneous interpretation system, central control system, nearly 500 chairman and delegate mics, infrared transmitter, infrared radiation panel and over 1000 infrared receiving units, to escort the international summit.

High quality is always the core of our product. DSPPA has provided professional and reliable conference infrastructures to facilitate a variety of international summits and splendid sports events. In the future, DSPPA will continue to create professional sound and work to empower efficient conference!

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