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[DSPPA D7600 Paperless Conference System] Shanxi Eco-Cement Corp., Ltd

[DSPPA D7600 Paperless Conference System]

Shanxi Eco-Cement Corp., Ltd

Abstract: DSPPA D7600 Paperless Conference System has been introduced to the Shanxi Eco-Cement Corp., Ltd.


The Shanxi Eco-Cement Corp., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sale of cement, finding itself more intelligent and digital in terms of management.

Out of the development needs, it is now equipped with the DSPPA D7600 Paperless Conference System. 

To meet its demand of a convenient and efficient conference system, DSPPA provided D7600 Paperless Conference System to the meeting room of this corporation. 

This system will help the company to enhance their work efficiency, conference quality and management level.


D7600 Paperless Conference System

● Conduct centralized management on one or more conference systems;
● Manage and distribute documents to the terminals;
● Responsible for the processing of meeting documents;
● Four-channel video signals can be input to each conference terminal at the same time
● Support conference establishment, sign-in, distribution of material, voting, document projection, co-screen browsing and document annotation on the conference terminal screen;

D7615PTZ Conference Terminal with Lifting Monitor & Mic & Nameplate

● Ultra-thin integrated lifting terminal;
● The display is self-adjusting to 30 degrees, equipped with lifting microphone and a 7" back screen;
● Touch Reaction Time is less than 5ms;
● Support Win10 or Android system; Loaded with the DSPPA paperless terminal software;
● Convene, record, manage meetings, and control the proceedings of meetings;
● With USB interface and USB anti-dust cover, participants can easily import files from USB;
● Meet the special needs of planning 3D or 3D graphics processing, HD movies amid meeting.

System Connection Diagram

To sum up, D7600 Paperless Conference System integrates professional audio and video technology, intelligent central control system and information technology. The conference system helps to reduce conference costs, improve conference efficiency, and ensure conference information security, bringing a new conference experience to participants.

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