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【EN54 Voice Evacuation System】Construction Company in Kazakhstan

【EN54 Voice Evacuation System】Construction Company in Kazakhstan

Abstract:DSPPA EN54 PAVA8000 Voice Evacuation System is applied to G-Park Construction Company in Nursultan, Kazakhstan.

Project Background


G-Park is a fast-growing construction company in Nursultan, with a high level of professional construction management, innovative engineering solutions and construction technology, experienced personnel and modern materials and technology foundation.

In a bid to meet the requirements of G-park, we recommend our customer to use DSPPA EN54 voice evacuation system to play background music and emergency paging in 24 zones, and install a 30W wall mount speaker in each zone and a fireman microphone for every two zones, with 2 paging microphones in 2 different control rooms. Also, the system has monitoring and circuit detection functions.

Product Highlight


PAVA8000 EN54 Voice Evacuation System

PAVA8000 EN54 Voice Evacuation System can not only support manual operation and timing programming, but support real-time detection of equipment operating status and operation log records. This system can be used for fire emergency broadcasting, daily business broadcasting and background music broadcasting.

● PAVA8500/PAVA8500E control host can be expanded to 160 zones, and can realize real-time detection of bus loops, automatic system fault diagnosis, data backup, line redundancy and fault status recording (≤1000), which is safe, stable and reliable.
● The whole system supports 30 remote paging microphones or fire paging microphones, and can realize one-key paging in all zones and zone paging function.
● The whole device supports 24V power supply. When the mains power is cut off, the device will automatically check and switch to 24V backup power supply to ensure the normal fire broadcasting. The host PAVA8501 has a DC24V charger.
● The host PAVA8500 and PAVA8500E support 6 channels of auxiliary inputs, 2 channels of microphone inputs, 8 zones of simultaneous outputs with independent volume control, system timing function and background music playback.
● Only one CAT5 cable is needed between the system equipment, and the unique Dante protocol is used to transmit high-quality data audio signals and control signals. It supports hand-in-hand and star wiring connection, easy-to-operate and low-cost.
● The system has a one-key alarm function, and can customize the alarm voice, with several modes such as alarm in adjacent layer and designated zone (including all zones), easy and quick to set, suitable for different environmental alarm requirements.
● The control host adopts embedded man-machine interface, and supports multiple sets of PC software interfaces at the same time. After the control host is configured, it can operate independently from the PC software.

System Connection Diagram


After the system is put into use, it is working well now. And we are highly recognized by our customer for high-quality products and service.

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