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DSPPA | IP Network PA System for Office Building of Star River Center in Guangzhou

DSPPA | IP Network PA System for Star River Center in Guangzhou

Abstract: DSPPA IP network public address system has been applied to the office building of Star River Center in Guangzhou.

Project Overview
Located in Guangzhou Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster, the new economic development engine of the Greater Bay Area, Star River Center is the first super Grade A office building built by the Star River Group with more than 20 years of experience in urban construction, urban services and intelligent applications, upholding the values of “willingness, dedication and innovation”.

The building has a total height of 250 meters, 46 floors above ground, and a total construction area of about 120,000 square meters.

Project Spotlight
The 250-meter super high-rise office building of Star River Center adopts the digital, networked and intelligent DSPPA network public address system, which consists of a network public address host, intelligent paging station, audio output terminals, multimedia player, zone pa amplifiers, wall-mounted speakers and ceiling speakers. It meets the needs of Star River Center, such as background music broadcasting, daily information and notification broadcasting, emergency broadcasting, paging call, and fire linkage.

Automatic BGM Broadcasting
Based on the characteristics of modern business centers, background music is usually set in public areas to create a relaxed, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The system is centrally controlled by the broadcast host, and different background music of multiple zones are automatically turned on or off according to the application function of the floor; with rational distribution of ceiling speakers and wall-mounted speakers, all areas of Star River Center are evenly covered by the broadcast. In addition, the system is equipped with a multimedia player for different playback modes.

Emergency Broadcasting
The system provides linkage fire control and one-button alarm. The built-in fire linkage function module of the host works with the fire system of the business center. In case of fire or other emergencies, the broadcasting system will automatically stop playing the background music in the area and activate the alarm broadcast for emergency evacuation broadcast, so as to respond quickly to the emergency and ensure timely evacuation alarm of the business center.

Zone Paging & Call
The paging station or handheld emergency paging microphone of the host can be used to initiate paging and release announcement to a specific area.

Project Highlight

▶▶ MAG6182II IP Network PA System
DSPPA network public address system is a two-way audio sound reinforcement system based on pure digital transmission. It combines the independent DSPPA protocol, standard TCP/IP protocol, H.264 and SIP protocol encoding to transmit audio and video signals in the form of data packets on the LAN and WAN, and has functions such as sound repair and automatic flow adjustment.

The system holds powerful functions such as audio and video intercom, media information release, and Al alarm.

Project List



Product Name




IP Network Public Address System Host

1 pc



IP Network Paging Station

1 pc



32-Channel Fire Linkage Module

1 pc



1U Multi-Channel Media Player with CD/USB/FM/Bluetooth

1 pc



Power Sequence Controller

3 pcs



IP Network Wall Mount Speaker

1 pc



1-Channel IP Network Audio Terminal

18 pcs



Integrated Mixer Amplifier with Audio Source & Phantom Power

18 pcs



Fireproof Ceiling Speaker

378 pcs



Wall Mount Speaker

18 pcs

System Connection Diagram

With rich practical experience in the field of public address, DSPPA Group has designed a powerful broadcasting system for this landmark building by virtue of its stable system, excellent quality and exclusive solution, helping to render a new scene of intelligent business in Star River Center.

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