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【5G WIFI Conference System】Luchuan Worker’s Cultural Palace Activity Center in Guangxi

【5G WIFI Conference System】

Worker Activity Center in Guangxi

Abstract: DSPPA 5G WiFi conference system has been applied to Luchuan Workers’ Cultural Palace Activity Center in Guangxi to meet the needs of multi-functional wireless conference system.

Project Background

Luchuan Workers’ Cultural Palace Activity Center, located in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is designed for providing a multi-functional activity place that integrates employee training, education, fitness, leisure and entertainment for the majority of cadres and workers.

● Installation Scene

The whole project uses sound equipment system, wireless conference system, remote video conference system, centralized control system and stage lighting system and so on. Among them, we DSPPA are very pleasure to design latest technology 5G WIFI wireless conference system for this activity Center.

● System Highlight

Simple structure and powerful load capacity
One D7201 host, one WiFi transmitter host, and multiple wired and wireless conference microphones can form a wireless WiFi conference system. It can be equipped with 6 high-definition cameras at the same time for automatic conference speech camera tracking.

High confidentiality encryption technology
It adopts128-bit AES encryption technology, and supports WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology, to guarantee the confidentiality of meeting information.

Highly reliable transmission technology
Using the 5GHz communication frequency band, it hasstronger bandwidth and communication speed, with good resistance to electric wave and electromagnetic interference, for faster and more stable wireless signal transmission.

High-fidelity sound quality, low-latency transmission
It adopts uncompressed audio transmission technology, with 20Hz-20kHz perfect sound quality, 48K sampling rate; Theexclusive Dante no-latency conference systemseamlessly integrates with the5G WiFi wireless conference system, which can be used with any Dante device.

Noise suppression processing
The host is embedded with a high-performance quad-core CPU processor, adopts soft mixing digital audio processing technology, and has anARM7 processing chip to effectively prevent sound from returning. The microphone has a built-in high-fidelity speaker, which is automatically muted when the microphone is turned on, and it is not easy to produce howling, ensuring the quality of the meeting

Fast charging & super battery endurance life
The conference microphone adopts alarge-capacity batterywith long battery endurance life. The battery supports fast charging, which can shut down all WiFi units with one button, master real-time information and comprehensive hardware monitoring.

● System Connection Diagram

In view of our sincere service and great support, we are highly recognized by our customers. We will continue to track the comments and feedback of this project in the future and be devoted to providing more professional and efficient wireless conference system solution.

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