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Attention to Installation of surface mount ceiling speaker

Attention to Installation of surface mount ceiling speaker A good speaker installation and flexible wiring technology can save you a lot of energy in the process of installation. It's like a hair stylist who needs to design a hairstyle on the basis of each person's face, head shape, skin color, hair quality, even character, career, etc.. In this regard, even the simplest design and installation of a ceiling speaker is not purely a technical problem. A good background music project is the combination of experience, technology and art. Next is mainly about the proper installation process of surface mount ceiling speaker.

1. Wiring. It is best to do the line layout with electrical wiring, but the speaker line is weak current, it should not be too close to the electrician's strong power (AC220V). If you wear PVC tube, it should be 20 centimeters away. It should be done out of installation and interference factors, but the general route should follow the weak and strong current lines arranged by the electrician. Thus it is not so messy and easy to repair later.

2. Attention to the opening of the speaker. Use special opener and not to damage the ceiling, especially the ceiling with gypsum ceiling. The opening diameter of the hole is in accordance with the size specified by the all kinds of speakers. In the actual construction, it can be a little bit larger, so it is easier to install and remove, especially the gypsum ceiling. If the speaker is installed too tight, it is likely to destroy the plasterboard.

3. The installation of the speaker. It is best to wait for the painter to finish the painting and carefully install it. Usually, the electrician will install all kinds of lights at this time. In short, these processes need to be coordinated with other types of work on spot, and they should be communicated, studied regularly.

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