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DSPPA | Overall Audio Solution for Guangxi 7th Isolation Rehab

DSPPA | Overall Audio Solution for Guangxi 7th Isolation Rehab

Abstract: DSPPA Network PA System and Conference System have been applied to the 7th Compulsory Isolation Rehab in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Project Background

The 7th Compulsory Isolation Rehab in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, a special school, conducts a military-oriented, garden-based and enclosed-style of management.

Guided by relevant state policies and laws and regulations, the rehab center works on admission, education, psychological correction, drug treatment for drug addicts.

To modernize its management and daily work, an overall audio solution is in urgent need. To this end, DSPPA has tailored a solution that integrates the 7G Network PA System and Sound Reinforcement System, contributing to its upgrading work.

Realization Effect

DSPPA Network PA System

Confronted by traditional PA system that is simple in function, poor in sound quality and restrained from transmission distance, the Rehab adopted the DSPPA 7G Network PA System featuring simple operation, large-scale coverage and fast construction. 

This system can realize the function of unattended broadcasting, background music playing and fire emergency broadcasting.

DSPPA 7G Network PA System is now widely applied to government agencies, campuses, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, airports, stations, stadiums, parks, etc.

Sound Reinforcement System

For sound reinforcement system, both the sound clarity and sound field should be taken into account.

DSPPA conference sound reinforcement system for the rehabilitation center features high sound reproduction, even sound field and intelligent management and control, ensuring an uninterrupted conference.

With DSPPA overall audio solution, Guangxi 7th Compulsory Isolation Drug Rehab has wrote a new chapter. As the system was put into use, highly acclaim has been accorded to DSPPA.

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