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DSPPA | MAG808 Digital Audio Matrix for Maadi Hospital in Egypt

DSPPA | MAG808 Digital Audio Matrix for Maadi Hospital in Egypt

Abstract:DSPPA MAG808 digital audio matrix system has been successfully applied to Maadi Hospital in Cairo, Egypt.

Project Overview
Maadi Hospital was established in 1965 over a total area of 68 acres with a stunning view overlooking the eternal Nile River and Giza Pyramids and a green area representing two thirds of the total area while the rest of the area is devoted for the building of the hospital, a seven-story building with a wide facade of about 150 meters long and more than 40 meters tall.

Project Spotlight
Targeted at daily broadcasting and emergency broadcasting of the hospital, a multifunctional solution integrating the digital audio matrix public address system is designed to meet the needs of the hospital.

The host is an audio matrix control unit with 8 inputs and 8 outputs. It holds a 7" touch screen where you can select different audio sources or timed fixed-point tasks for different zones of the hospital. Besides, it is provided with 8 dry contact interfaces to be connected to the fire alarm system for fire linkage.

If there is an emergency, such as a fire, when the host receives the fire signal from the fire alarm terminal of the hospital, it will trigger its built-in emergency voice to alert the people involved to evacuate the hospital. And the remote paging microphone can be used to broadcast emergency messages and lead the evacuation route to minimize damage.

The entire hospital is dotted with ceiling speakers and wall-mounted speakers for background music broadcasting, outpatient call, and emergency notification.

Project Highlight
MAG808 Digital Audio Matrix System

MAG808 Digital Audio Matrix System is highly integrated for multi-zone paging and multi-source selection. It supports 8-channel balanced inputs & outputs, remote paging, remote panel control, remote computer & Android pad control. It has multiple audio inputs, including 8 AUX inputs, and MP3 player (built-in or external USB) as well as built-in FM. To better adapt to the emergency system, it supports TEL paging to all zones, one-click alarm, 8 dry contact inputs and 1 dry contact output.

Project List



Product Name




8×8 Digital Audio Matrix

1 pc



Remote Paging Microphone

2 pcs



6-Zone Mixer Amplifier

4 pcs



6-Zone Mixer Amplifier

1 pc



6-Zone Mixer Amplifier

1 pc



Wall Mount Speaker

2 pcs



Ceiling Speaker

70 pcs



Ceiling Speaker

195 pcs



Waterproof Column Speaker

4 pcs



Waterproof Wall Mount Speaker

4 pcs



Audio Rack

1 pc

Note: The project list is provided for reference only.

System Connection Diagram

Note: The system diagram is provided for reference only.

The system has been installed successfully and is highly recognized by our customers for its stable performance and excellent sound quality.

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