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DSPPA | PAVA8000 Voice Evacuation System for A Care Home in HK

DSPPA | PAVA8000 Voice Evacuation System for A Care Home in HK

Abstract: DSPPA PAVA8000 Integrated Voice Alarm PA System has been successfully applied to a care home for elderly in Hong Kong.

Project Background
With the help of our distributor in Hong Kong, MetaMall AI Group Limited, we are pleased to win another voice alarm project, following the Po Leung Kuk RCHE Cum Day Care Unit for the Elderly located at Shek Mun Estate Social Service Building.

Park Prime. Po Shek Wu is a government-contracted residential care home for the elderly, located at Po Shek Wu Estate Ancillary Facilities Block in Sheung Shui, Hong Kong. Upholding an innovative service model, it provides high-quality services to service users with modern management and system equipment.

Project Requirements
Given that this care home has special requirements for voice evacuation and high compatibility, we recommend our PAVA8000 Integrated Voice Alarm PA System to carry out daily broadcasting and background music playback.

This building has two floors in total, so we set 40 fireproof ceiling speakers on each floor, distributed in rooms, corridors and other areas, covering every coner of the building. Meanwhile, we have a remote paging microphone for each nurse station, reception room and tea room to initiate a paging to the elderly room, such as reminder, guidance and other daily services.

Product Highlight

=== PAVA8000 Integrated Voice Alarm PA System ===

Compliance with EN54-16 standard and based on the Dante protocol, PAVA8000 Integrated Voice Alarm PA System can support manual operation and timing programming, as well as real-time detection of equipment operating status and operation log recording.

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, the system can broadcast voice alarm and guide the people involved to evacuate the fire area in a quick and safe manner and broadcast warning voice information in the adjacent areas. In addition, it can support background music playback and paging broadcast to play music and initiate paging to the specified zones or all zones.

PAVA8500 System Host

● Support 8-zone outputs and expansion up to 160 zones.
● Compact design with built-in 500W digital amplifier.
● With one-key EMC & built-in EVAC/ALERT MSG.
● Support remote zone or group paging.
● Support AC & DC24V backup power. (With built-in battery charging module for PAVA8501 host)
● With 8 dry contact trigger IN/OUT, and DC24V override output.
● Support automatic speaker line detection and fault detection.
● Support remote control and monitoring.

PAVA8008&PAVA8008E Remote Paging MIC

● Support 16 zones for zone/group paging or all-zone paging.
● Can connect up to 32 remote paging mics.
● Can expand external keyboards up to 9 extensions.
● With DIP switch for ID settings & 1 AUX IN for paging.
● With RJ45 port for hand-in-hand connection.
● Support PoE power supply.

Fireproof Speakers

Our fireproof speakers are available in a variety of styles, so you can choose the one that works best for your project.

Project List



Product Name




8-zone Voice Alarm Amplifier with Battery Charger

1 pc



Remote Control Software

1 pc



Remote Paging MIC

8 pcs



Multi-channel Media Player

2 pcs



Ceiling Speaker

80 pcs

System Connection Diagram

We will keep follow this project in the future. With more secure, stable and reliable operation, our PAVA8000 integrated voice alarm public address system will also be an ideal choice for your project.

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